Future Essay

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Foregrounding environmental issues in a way in which people will pay attention is something I strive to do through my work. Whether this goal will take a lifetime or a week, I will continue to aspire to create change in the ways in which we look at our environment and therefore how we treat it. Digital video has become a comfortable medium for me to begin this work and will continue to be. I have acquired skills in other forms of media, which I believe will aid this direction and push the video aspects even further.

Looking into the works of artists such as Natalie Jeremijenko, whose recent artist’s talk in the Visual Arts building, provided tons of inspiration for me. I am able to start the path of thinking about the direction of my own work in a similar area. Without just displaying the environmental issues which will continue to worsen as long as things go on the way that they currently are, I want to attempt to provide hope in the ways each of us can make a significant difference to better the world we live in. Solutions for this include seeding and nurturing different forms of plant life that can help reduce the amount of CO2 in the environment and improve air quality. Also, helping to provide for endangered species, by first becoming educated in their needs and behaviors, in hopes of improving our relationship to them. By doing so, we will not only improve the conditions of humans life in this environment but also really take into consideration those who do not have a say in the turn the world is taking but are nonetheless critically affected by it. By gaining an interest in our awareness of the problems many animals currently face, we can make the next step in trying to reverse these issues and create better living conditions.

I have taken courses at Purchase such as Global Climate Change and Environmentalism and Film which combine to develop a further understanding of what is happening in regards to the deterioration of the environment as we know it, how that will effect us and roughly when, and some of the things we must do to reverse it. Through the mediums I have learned in New Media, I look forward to creating work which aids this cause and informs others in interesting and sometimes shocking ways. The approach I wish to take is educational, emotional, and inspirational. As I continue to figure out how to go about creating such meaningful videos, photographs, graphic work, and web sites, I continue to look at work which provides me with a similar sense that I wish to convey. Such inspiring works range from Discovery and Animal Planet TV shows to the works and campaigns of Al Gore, to the environment itself and how we portray it through the creation of zoos, safaris, and various other natural and man made forms. Organizations such as The Defenders of Wildlife and the Alliance for Climate Protection serve as examples of actions being taken now and the efforts which I value also hope to further provoke.

Through the New Media program at Purchase, I have been able to improve on skills and learn completely new skills and techniques which I will continue to use for the rest of my life. In the past two years I have gained more knowledge than ever before. I look forward to completing my next two years with success and take more video courses such as Cross-Cultural Video Production, Experimental Film Workshop, and Intermediate Video. I also plan to take Digital Dimensions, Creating Dynamic Web Documents, and Video Graphics. For my senior project, I hope to incorporate the skills I have learned as well as those I have yet to learn in order to create an interactive installation which includes video components as well as programming. The subject matter will be the value of a healthy environment and realistic steps to take towards stabilizing the environment and the effects on human, plant and animal life. I hope to get an internship at a company such as The Discovery Channel or create work for an environmental organization. I will continue to strive to create meaningful work in my remaining years in New Media and after.