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‘Life is Art’, a beautiful statement made on subway tracks in Montreal. The idea for this site’s theme started with the picture to the left. I took this picture while in Montreal last October. At this time I was taking Photography and had brought along my 35mm camera. My friend, who had lived in the city over the summer, showed me this scene of paint dribbled on the subway tracks, thinking I may want to take a picture of it. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to make “Life is Art” the theme of my Advanced Standing Portfolio. I took at least 4 different shots of the scene in order to ensure I could produce the photo as perfectly as possible. I ended up using a 5 filter to get the text to stand out, as the conditions for taking the photo (in the subway station) were not the best. 
Using the navigation on the top viewers can scroll through many aspects of my work as a New Media major at Purchase College. I hope you enjoy looking through my work.

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