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Welcome to Joshie Fishbein's Advanced Standing Portfolio! The content on this website is a collection of my original photography, digital art, web design, essays, and miscellaneous projects. This porfolio both a reflection of my personality and interests, as well as being the best definition of what I have learned thus far in my studies. For a further investigation of my interests and studies, please visit my essays page.

So Joshie, how do I work this crazy website of yours?

Well, you can move content left and right using the arrows directly to the left. If you would like to switch between different the categories of my work, you can select the desired section from the button panel below. Also, the background diamonds can be moved around to your liking. Just click the header towards the top-right and use the arrows on my CMYK Imagemap Interface to make your very own diamond design!

Click the "BACK" button to return to the content and to save your diamond design as the site's background.

Not all of you that are reviewing this portfolio may know exactly who I am, so I will give you some brief background information. I was born and mostly raised in North Jersey, where my family still currently resides. I've always been interested in alternative and creative thinking through the arts and with my early and deep exposure to computation and technology, I have been conveniently bred for the New Media program. I wear thick-framed, nerdy glasses and always love having a good time and, most importantly, showing others a better one.

The following photo is one of me and my face in the woods surrounding the school.
My Face

Alright Joshie, you seem pretty cool but tell me more about the design of your portfolio?

This may not seem like your average advanced standing portfolio. Last year, James (a good friend of mine who is also a New Media student at Purchase), showed me the JavaScript library of jQuery. In combination with JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, and CSS3, I have utilized jQuery to create a site of transitions; one where all content is loaded simultaneously and can be accessed without requiring the user to relocate to another page (though I have added just a few more pages).

More importantly, the content on this website is loaded with PHP scripts that refer to a local MySQL database, which has allowed me to concentrate more thoroughly on the design aesthetic of the portfolio and less on hard-coding each and every component.

    The browser's View Source option may be one of the better methods to inspect these scripts, but for a more indepth understanding of how I constructed the site, you can download this zip file, which contains all active scripts of this portfolio.


The following photographs are taken from multiple different albums and are highlights of their respective collections. For a more comprehensive viewing, please visit my photo album page located here.

You may click on a photo to enlarge it and browse within its category. Enjoy!

Digital Art

The following works have been digitally composed or altered using the Adobe CS5 Creative Suite. The final slides of this section features my web work and web applications, you may click their links to visit those projects' individual sites.

You may also click on the individual work to enlarge it and browse within the category. Enjoy!
Joshie x 8

Web Apps

The following are miscellaneous web applications that I have created. You may click their links to try them out.

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