Making Friends and Connections: Networking

Networking is the third most important aspect of drag. If you wanna become someone in the drag world, you MUST network. That holds true for any career. It's all about your connections and who you know. In this section I will discuss what you can do to help yourself make connections and further your reputation and career.

Confidence is Key!: Without being confident in yourself you're setting yourself up for failure. Every single successful drag Queen has 100% confidence in themselves and if you become timid for just a minute, it can snowball effect into you sitting by yourself in a corner for the rest of the night. Don't be scared! There's no reason to be. Gay culture embraces drag queens with extreme enthusiasm. People will see you and compliment your outfit and want to take pictures with you! Enjoy it and indulge in the moment!

(just kidding ^_^)

Be Yourself!: there's no room for anything else. The entire night you're either playing a character that's a part if you, or completely being yourself. In my opinion, a good persona is a character that is created from something deep within you. A good persona is a part of you that doesn't normally get to see the light of day and takes rapture in being released in the cover of drag. You can be anyone you wanna be! The goal here is to find a persona who you feel completely comfortable and confident being, no matter what the circumstance, so that If any social situation turns sour (ie. awkward, dramatic, violent), you can just fall back into your character, go back into your "happy place", and move on.

Introduce Yourself to Other Queens: This is very important. You MUST introduce yourself and get to know other drag queens. For one, this is how your gonna learn how to be a better drag queen. They're gonna have experienced things as a drag queen that you haven't, and it is imperitive that they share that knowledge with you. Another reason you should introduce yourself to other drag queens is media connections. If other queens realize that you've got talent, they'll be more than happy to give you a leg up over the less talented competition. Other Queens might know well known drag photographers, film producers, music engineers or event coordinators. The more people you know, and the more people that love you, the more drag oppurtunities will be open to you.

Take LOTS of Pictures and Videos: and I mean takes LOTS and LOTS of pictures and videos... and then post them ALL OVER the internet. The internet is by far the best way to get your name out there... and the more content you produce and upload, the more people are gonna see it! If your all over the internet and your looking fresh and fabulous, people are gonna wanna know you.

Put Yourself All Over the Internet: Make a facebook page, make a myspace, make a flickr, make a live journal, MAKE AN ACCOUNT FOR EVERYTHING! Literally put all your pictures, videos, and drag info all over the internet. Again, this is about exposure and making connections. There are even social networking sites specifically geared towards Drag Queens! Check out the links below! Make a profile and start meeting other queens:



  • Myspace Drag Directory