Experiments in Letterform: rr_r
Composed of sharp right angles, smooth curves, and a slight tilt to the right; I have been experimenting with the letter r from the typeface Cholla Slab Oblique Bold. The purpose of these iterations is to further develop my knowledge of letterforms through the exploration of one. Immediately I began thinking about how this one letterform exists in space from it’s bold platform holding it down to the rounded terminal that extends away from itself, drifting off to the right. These experiments look to explore how such a flat, strong r can exist in different dimensions. My studies have lead to 4D motion pieces, virtual environments, and physical constructions. This website intends to further emphasize these processes through an interactive, screen-based platform for the user to explore my misuse of tools, 3-Dimensional objects, and aesthetic takes on the concept of ugliness.

Nick O'Malley

Advanced Type
Fall 2016

Robin Lynch